Our trainings are always facilitated by individuals of trans experience and we will always compensate the emotional labor of bringing their experiences & wisdom to you. Usually, two facilitators balance intersectional perspectives from our trans communities; this looks like workplace diversity trainings on gender expansive identities and why organizations should do the work to make their workplace a transgender sanctuary.

We at the BTA understand that trans competency is not something that can be learned in a day. Our trainings represent the just the first steps in a lifelong process of humility for the trans experience.


Trans 101

The majority of our trans 101 trainings are bringing participants to an understanding of their own gender & how it quietly informs their daily interactions. Once we have identified gender in ourselves, we can begin to work to understand the diversity possible in both gender identity & expression. Dispelling a few unhelpful myths along the way, we will work to understand why trans issues are important to us all.

Trans 201

In this next level course we will showcase a trans perspective of our shared world. We will learn about the history & limitations of trans movement over the past 50 years —linking this to a global legacy of gender diversity that extends into prehistory.

Decolonizing Gender

Taking the origins of gender variance and expansion beyond the introduction, The next level courses unpack the lived experiences of gender as a tool of social control. Further, this workshop explores the connections between binary gender and Eurocentric understandings of biological sex which seeks to erase and control our bodies.


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