Our trainings are always facilitated by individuals of trans experience and we will always compensate the emotional labor of bringing their experiences & wisdom to you. Usually, two facilitators balance intersectional perspectives from our trans communities; this looks like workplace diversity trainings on gender expansive identities and why organizations should do the work to make their workplace a transgender sanctuary.

We at the BTA understand that trans competency is not something that can be learned in a day. Our trainings represent the just the first steps in a lifelong process of humility for the trans experience.


Trans 101

The majority of our trans 101 trainings are bringing participants to an understanding of their own gender & how it quietly informs their daily interactions. Once we have identified gender in ourselves, we can begin to work to understand the diversity possible in both gender identity & expression. Dispelling a few unhelpful myths along the way, we will work to understand why trans issues are important to us all.

Trans 201

In this next level course we will showcase a trans perspective of our shared world. We will learn about the history & limitations of trans movement over the past 50 years —linking this to a global legacy of gender diversity that extends into prehistory.

Decolonizing Gender

Taking the origins of gender variance and expansion beyond the introduction, The next level courses unpack the lived experiences of gender as a tool of social control. Further, this workshop explores the connections between binary gender and Eurocentric understandings of biological sex which seeks to erase and control our bodies.


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Gender X

From 2018 to 2019 BTA worked closely with FreeState Justice and other partner orgs offering testimony and feedback on language to support the passage of a Gender X bill. The availability of a legal Gender X marker in Washington, DC gave us the proximity and access to a working system that can be replicated and implemented. This win comes on the heels of a 200% rise in non-binary identified people in our staff.

See also: Trans activists score victory on “Gender X bill” in Maryland House of Delegates

Policy JBB

In 2019 We worked with the Baltimore City LGBTQ Affairs Office and GLSEN Maryland to get Policy JBB passed. This victory provides Baltimore city schools with the guidelines necessary to protect their trans students. The policy outlines that students should be able to use facilities of their choosing and protects them from being outed. The document also calls for additional support of GSA’s and speaks to the need for additional trainings for educational professionals —trainings that BTA intends to provide as a continuance to its commitment to trans youth.

This work is a continuation and an extension of the work we did organizing the Rally for Trans Students in 2017. We demanded the Baltimore city school board draft policies and guidelines to protect students, after the Trump adminstration rescinded guidelines to allow transgender students to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity.

See also: Baltimore City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Suit Against Maryland State Board, Rally In Support Of Trans Students

Stop Union Busting at Chase Brexton

In 2016, we worked with a number of different organizations to rally and organize against union busting happening at Chase Brexton Health Care - a health care provider in Baltimore that serves a large number of trans Baltimoreans. With the support of the communities they served - Chase Brexton providers were able to successfully unionize.

See also: Stop Union Busting at Chase Brexton

DOJ Report

In 2016 members of our team held conversation with representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice. We helped report stories of trans discrimination and abuse by the Baltimore City Police Department. This evidence was ultimately used in the DOJ’s report in 2016.

See also: Baltimore Police Department - Findings Report




Trans March of Resilience

The Trans March of Resilience and affiliated events serve to raise awareness about the epidemic of systemic violence against trans people, specifically black trans women, and create space to honor the resilience of both those we’ve lost and those still with us. With a successful pilot run in 2018 that expanded TMOR from one night to a three-day weekend of events that included a kick-off party, a day of trans-led workshops, and a march followed by a banquet, we hope to replicate that structure this year.

We organize, in coalition with the many trans-led groups of our city, a march of resilience. In the African tradition of honoring the lives of those lost through celebration and stories of life, we march in unity. Originating in few cities and now spanning to dozens across the nation, we repurpose public space as tools for communication with our city. We march to assert our humanity and value in the larger Baltimore community.

See also: TMOR 2018, TMOR 2017, TMOR 2016, TMOR 2015

Crisis response

Trans murder is an epidemic. Trans people have systemic odds stacked against them and our lives are often cut too short. We make sure this is not the end of our siblings stories.

We hold community vigils to celebrate the lives of those we’ve lost. Too often our stories are only heard in the headlines. Too often our lives only understood in mourning. We hold that every trans person is beautiful and our lives deserve to be honored for the greatness we bring to the world.


We host fundraisers that support the work that we do - and the work of trans people and our accomplices. We’ve done bar fundraisers, dance parties, dinners, and game shows.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a fundraiser to support the BTA contact us at

Picnics, potlucks & cookouts

We love eating food and gathering as a community. In the past we have co-hosted dozens of picnics for trans folks with Baltimore Trans Ladies’ Picnic and other organizations. In 2017 we held a Queer Love Summer Cookout in Wyman Park Dell - with catered food and a live DJ. Contact us if you’d like to co-create an event with us.