Stop Union Busting At Chase Brexton

On August 19th, the Baltimore Transgender Alliance and our allies are joining forces to rally in support of the Chase Brexton workers’ right to unionize. The rally’s purpose is twofold: both to lift the voices of Chase Brexton employees and the communities that Chase Brexton serves, and to stand united as transgender residents of Baltimore and demand the services we deserve.

Chase Brexton is one of the only places where low-income transgender and non-binary people in Maryland can access care. However, for two years, CEO Richard Larison’s policies have undermined worker’s efforts. As we face systemic injustice based on intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality, we need and deserve quality care.

In response, Chase Brexton workers are unionizing. After Larison became aware of these efforts to organize, he and his administration laid off five employees. Some of these workers have decades of experience working with clients; they are integral to HIV care and essential to transgender care. Many people lost providers that they had been with for years, and that trust is not easily re-earned.

This is an attack on the workers of Chase Brexton, and that is an attack on our community. Firings and policy changes in care for marginalized communities replicates the very systems of oppression Chase Brexton was founded to address. This rally follows the Department of Justice’s damning report on the Baltimore Police Department’s systemic dehumanization and harassment of transgender persons, especially transgender women of color. We have to fight for what seems a given to non-marginalized communities. We are fighting and standing strong with those who support us.

We demand that Larison be removed as CEO. We demand that the “fired five” are rehired. We demand that Chase Brexton workers are given their right to unionize.We demand that Chase Brexton’s policies prioritize the quality of care that we deserve.

On August 19th at 4:00 PM, we will gather outside of the Mount Vernon location of Chase Brexton and rally for the workers and our community.

For more information please contact the Executive Director of the Baltimore Transgender Alliance, Ava Pipitone, at

Signed: 1199 SEIU Baltimore IWW Baltimore People’s Power Assembly The Baltimore Transgender Alliance Black Trans Advocacy MD/DC Black Transmen Inc. Baltimore Hearts & Ears, Incorporated Hollaback! Baltimore Kate Sumiko Bruce Mind Over Matter Collective For Civil Defense Sistas of the “T”