Rally In Support Of Trans Students

Today, we rally for our trans students in Baltimore. Yesterday, we learned that 4 black trans women, Keke Collier, Jaquarrius Holland, Ciara McElveen, Chyna Gibson have been murdered in the last ten days in the US alone. Last week, a trans woman was brutally attacked at gunpoint by the owners of Ronald Taylor II Funeral Homes on North Ave for sitting with a group of people on their front doorstep. The others were not.

This is very clearly NOT ABOUT BATHROOMS! Barring us from bathrooms is a direct way of barring us from public space. If we can’t use public bathrooms, we can’t work or go to school without fear of arrest or assault.

The Trump administration is essentially legislating this hate by telling states that they have a right to choose whether or not to follow federal guidelines set by the Obama administration. In leaving it up to the states, they’ve exposed our youth to violence in schools based on their bodies. We won’t stand for that. You don’t get to hurt kids and tell them it’s for their own good.

Teachers, parents, and friends, we need you to join us in standing up for trans students in Baltimore City schools this evening!