From The Desk Of Bryanna Jenkins

From the Desk of Bryanna A. Jenkins:

As of July 29, 2016 I am no longer the Executive Director of The Baltimore Transgender Alliance. I have stepped down so I can relocate to Chicago, IL and attend law school at DePaul University College of Law. BTA was originally founded as TAMMI (TransWomen Against Misrepresentation & Misogyny Inc.) an organization with the dual purpose of being a advocacy group and well as an all Trans Women performing vocal quartet in the Winter of 2014. The vision has always been to create liberation for Trans People by using our talents and gifts to fuel our liberation. Thank you Tüquaè Tu-Tu Tahriqë Blairè Leòn Heather Brooks for being apart of the early stages and planting those seeds.

TAMMI eventually evolved into BTA in the Spring of 2015 as a response to the murder of Baltimore Native Mya Hall by NSA Officers and to include all of the Trans and Gender Non Conforming Community of the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Our first year in operation was transformative and phenomenal to say the least. I have to thank my leadership team for all of your sacrifices and participation. Monica Stevens Tyler Vile Ken Jiretsu Evan Mahone Words cannot express how humbled I am for your participation in that monumental first year. We cannot the forget the impact of #BaltimoreTransUprising, Community Meeting with SA Marilyn Mosby, Esq., Meeting with The United States Department of Justice, and #BMORETMOR We had some struggles, naysayers, and controversies but in the end we pulled through.

We are the 2016 Activist Organization of the Year for the University of Baltimore School of Law Cobalt Awards and we are the 2016 Baltimore Pride Activist Organization of the Year. I couldn’t be any more prouder.

I am proud to announce that Ava Pipitone has been chosen as the new Executive Director for the Baltimore Transgender Alliance. She started off as volunteer and I have watched her grow and flourish as a person and as one of the future Trans leaders for Baltimore City. She has become my right hand and I trust that she will be able to lead this collective through its next movement and I trust and respect her leadership so much. She knows the importance of centering the most marginalized communities, which in Baltimore City is Black Transgender Women, in all the work that she does. Also she has demonstrated the importance of including and valuing intersectional Transgender Voices at the table. Baltimore has such a vast mix of Trans people that live here. I encourage the community to lift her up and show her love and support and she rises to fulfill the duties of this new position.

I can comfortably say that that my work here is done. I did what I set out to do which was to create a foundation for the Trans and GNC community to have a voice and to build what they want Baltimore to look like for people like us. I stand upon the legacies of Black Trans Women Activist in Baltimore City Loving Lauren Cydne Danielle Monica Stevens Sandy Rawls who gave me the tools and paved the way so I could take the work to the next level. The Baltimore Transgender Alliance is my own offering into the legacy that already exists for Trans People here. I can only hope that my impact matters and that it can be felt in years to come. I along with Monica have planted the seeds in the next generation of Baltimore Trans Leaders to continue this fight as well as shaping what this organization will look like long after we are gone.

I would also like to encourage more people to come and be apart of this organization by participating in our upcoming open meeting that will be happening Tuesday August 9, 2016 at 2640 Space 6PM Sharp.

The Baltimore Transgender Alliance is a Baltimore Based Organization and the work here is not finished yet. We have so many great projects on the horizon and I want everyone to continue to support and to continue to be involved.

As I begin this new chapter in my life it warms my heart that a piece of me will still be in Baltimore growing and thriving.

Also to my Black Trans Sisters of Baltimore City there will always be a place for you at this table so please do not miss out on being involved in your own liberation for if you are not at the table you will most definitely be on the menu.

I would like to thank all of the supporters who have poured into this organization whether you have donated money to one of our campaigns, shared one of our links, liked our page, attended a meeting/ event, nominated us for an award, or participated in a march. It meant so much to me and to the growth of this organization. I also want you continue this under Ava’s leadership ad I know she will take this org though its next phase. I look forward to all the great things that will come in my absence.

We Are Baltimore.


Bryanna A. Jenkins, B.S., M.A. The Baltimore Transgender Alliance Former Executive Director DePaul University, College of Law J.D. Candidate, Class of 2019 Future Supreme Court Justice