Crystal Edmonds

Today we hear about another act of violence in our community. There has been a confirmed shooting of a black transwoman on the 3600 block of Fairview in the northern district of Baltimore City. She is in grave condition. Please keep her in your hearts today.

We will be collecting donations of flowers and cards, as well as funds to purchase these. financial donations for this purpose can come to (this is a personal paypal for these donations, not for the Balt. Trans Alliance). We will deliver these to the hospital room as the information becomes available.

We are calling the community together to heal this Monday. Please stay tuned for details as we organize with Black Trans Advocacy, Black Trans Men Inc., Freestate Justice, the Transgender Response Team, and other groups.

“As we assert our value in this city, the value and beauty of our transness; we are met with violence. Violence attempting to push us back down. But we are Unifying our community, Reclaiming our narrative, and Empowering our trans family! and this movement will not stop.”